ROAST: Medium-Dark
FLAVOR: Hints of Chocolate-Caramel, Brown-sugar Aromatics

ORIGINS: Central & South America

If deep winey notes, soft cocoa-caramel tones and apricot jam flavor with brown sugar aromatics intrigue you, you’ll love this superb African coffee!

Grown on the western slopes of Mount Elgon in the Bugisu region. Cherries are shaded by banana trees and carried down by donkeys & dried on ancient papyrus mats. Ugandan coffees offer delicate fruitiness with superb winey African flavor & a smooth finish. A medium-dark roast brings out its creamy, dense undertones with hints of chocolate-caramel and brown-sugar aromatics, while sweet citrus and apricot jam round out the perfectly balanced cup!

Ingredients: 100% Whole Bean Arabica Coffee

Certified Organic by QAI.

Net Weight: 14 oz.