Lauren Mountanos, a fifth-generation coffee roaster, wants to share her love of distinctive coffees and enriching travel with you, through a new collection – Java Beans and Joe. Lauren brings all of our family’s amazing history and obsession for quality coffee to Java Beans and Joe, along with her own personal passion for travel.
Making the most of our family’s deep connections in the coffee business, our Java Beans and Joe team travels the world in search of the best beans, from the highest mountain peaks to fog-shrouded valleys below the equator. Then, the team sees to it that as we roast our beans, we find the perfect “sweet spot,” to bring out each bean’s peak flavor. This takes lots of experimentation and tasting to get it just right.
Think back to when you savored the perfect cup of coffee. Were you relaxing at your favorite neighborhood café? Or nestled right in your own living room couch? We can help you recapture that moment by finding the perfect beans and roast just for you.
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Lauren’s inspiration for Java Beans and Joe is deeply rooted in family history. The story begins more than a century ago, when her Great-Great Grandfather Stratis and Great-Great-Uncle Richard started selling roasted coffee and chestnuts from a mule-drawn cart in Washington D.C.
Over the years, our family has built and perfected the selection and roasting of fine coffees. Today Lauren lives close to where it all started, in Virginia, and just as her father, Michael learned the art of coffee roasting at his father Milt’s knee, so did she.
Times have changed since that first cart in Washington, DC, but Lauren’s goal stays the same: Purchase, roast and sell coffee with the same care, passion and uncompromising quality Stratis, Richard, Milt and Michael brought to their craft. We think they’d be proud of her.
We source only the highest-quality, 100% Arabica coffee beans for Java Beans and Joe. Nothing excites us more than discovering exceptional beans, and being able to share our special finds with you!
We don’t think coffee should be “one size fits all,” so we searched the world’s top coffee-growing regions and created a collection of coffees to fit every taste. Lauren and our family work to ensure that the farmers and brokers we partner up with always meet our high expectations (after all, she’s got a long line of coffee-roasters to live up to!). Then, when the green coffee beans arrive, we find just the right roast to bring out each bean’s extraordinary flavor.
Whether you like a medium roast with nutty notes or a dark roast with hints of chocolate and smoke, you’ll find a Java Beans and Joe coffee to make you smile. Java, joe, espresso – no matter what you call it, we’ve got the perfect coffees for you!
And, because we buy our beans directly and roast them ourselves, we’re able to bring you fresh, 100% Arabica coffees at an affordable price.
Every bean holds inside a “sweet spot,” its peak of flavor. Our passion is unlocking each bean’s unique flavor potential. So the team taste-tests each coffee at six different roast levels, ranging from light to dark, in our Jabez Burns 6-barrel sample roaster. They test the resulting brews when the cup is hot, as well as cold, ensuring the last sip is just as good as the first.
Once the team thinks they’ve nailed it, they pull random samples, blend them together and roast that blend to the previously determined “sweet spot,” just to make sure.
Then it’s on to the main roaster, where every bean is roasted by hand. By real people! And then we test again to make sure it’s still the perfect match.
We roast our beans in a vintage Jabez Burns Jubilee Roaster, which (with a few modifications by the family) give us exactly the roast we’re looking for—controlled and even, every time. Our method of roasting creates a sweet, full-bodied, clean-tasting coffee, bursting with the full flavor of the bean.
We take such extraordinary care because we know the secret of good coffee lies in the roasting. It’s truly an art, and we follow in the family’s footsteps, ensuring each Java Beans and Joe roast continues the family tradition.